Monday, 14 November 2011

Feeling More at Home

Over the past couple of weeks the new Study has been decorated and finally moved into.  I must say that I can take little credit as the hard work has been done mostly by Uwe, I just picked the colour, help lift things that were too heavy and kept him well fed.  So rather than sitting at the kitchen table as I have done for the past few weeks I am coming to you from an actual proper (even uncluttered) desk!

We had a short discussion about the colour of the walls, in which I managed to sway Uwe away from white to a lovely minty green colour called wellness.  During the course of these discussions I said I wanted to make the place more homely, which caused a small confusion when Uwe checked the definition with an American source which apparently means "plain or unattractive in appearance" which is of course the quite opposite to what it means in British English "simple but cosy and comfortable".

Yesterday we visited Kulinart in Stuttgart with one of Uwe's colleagues and his wife. It is an exhibition of gourmet food and living, which is not great for someone with their weekly weigh in on a Monday. I had originally thought that it was an exhibition of art made from food when I agreed to go. That said I would certainly recommend it and did enjoy it, just in moderation!

I did take my camera but didn't take any pictures apart from one when we arrived in the car park, as the lamp shades amused me:

Bringing the indoors out

Even with all the gorgeous food on display I did manage to restrain myself from eating everything and even managed to decline the most delicious smelling Crème Brûlée.  Instead like a true Engländerin I came away with a new teapot and some tea from the lovely people at The English Tearoom, I was complimented on my lovely English manners which is going to make my Mum so, sooo proud when I tell her this!

Although it looks pink it is actually red


  1. We have one of those lampshades a couple of streets away from mine! I like them yet I don't — maybe it would be different to see a lot of them together rather than a single lamp near a crosswalk.

    And yes, the "l" in "homely" makes all the difference. We call it "homey." I like it better with the "l," personally :)

  2. How odd to just have one lampsahde on its own, I was disappointed to not see them switched on I must admit.

    Homey sounds a bit like a rapper talking to his mates, or Marge Simpson being sweet to her husband =P

  3. I like this: Ice-T or Marge. Much better in my opinion!

  4. Pretty tea pot! And you get a gold star for skipping Crème Brûlée. I know I couldn't have.

  5. Oh it was hard, I shall treasure my gold star! :D