Saturday, 23 July 2011

The First Goodbye

On Thursday evening as it would have been our normal evening for a German class most of us got together for our usual end of term curry.  The food and conversation were flowing freely and Rosa our teacher managed to charm the waiters into giving her one of the gorgeous wine glasses they had.  At the end of the meal a fuss was made over my leaving, which was quite sad as we have been together learning for about 2 years and these were some of the first people I had social interaction with after my breakdown and they have helped me grow so much.  Oddly the class is pretty much all men apart from Mum and me, I say oddly because I have done quite a number of evening classes over the years and women have always made up the majority.  I'm not sure if that is related but they have also been the best people I have taken classes with, which is why I extended an invitation for them to look me up if they happen to find themselves in Stuttgart and was even more pleased when they immediately started planning a class trip to see me some time next year lol.

I got a lot of hugs goodbye and felt very special... unlike my Mum who spent all of Friday being sick which she is attributing directly to the food she ate =P

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Progress Non Update

Well I wanted to be able to come back and tell you all sorts of things I've been up to in preparation for the big move... but well I haven't really done anything.  I spent last weekend in bed feeling sorry for myself having a stomach bug followed by a migraine and decided that as I only have a few days left being 32 that I could spend those wasting time and start properly putting effort in as a 33 year old, as 33 year olds seem much more sensible than 32 year olds!

So instead I have been drinking Mojito's with their minty summer goodness and actually learning some German "einen Mojito, bitte."  I have been going back over some of my earlier German books to give myself a boost in confidence with how much I have actually learnt, in the face of the newer stuff which I am struggling to get to grips with.

One of the multiple choice exercises in the book was a picture of a sign saying "Ausfahrt" (a) excursion, (b) Motorway exit or (c) rude noise.  I must admit to giggling at those signs and couldn't stifle my hysterics when Uwe's Mum asked an innocent "Hattet ihr eine gute Fahrt?" on our arrival back in Esslingen from our long weekend in Munich.  I always have a quick glance around the room when my German teacher says "könnte" for flickers of amusement but it seems just me, although as I sit next to my own Mum during the lessons I have to contain that more for fear of getting smacked and tutted at!