Thursday, 7 July 2011

Progress Non Update

Well I wanted to be able to come back and tell you all sorts of things I've been up to in preparation for the big move... but well I haven't really done anything.  I spent last weekend in bed feeling sorry for myself having a stomach bug followed by a migraine and decided that as I only have a few days left being 32 that I could spend those wasting time and start properly putting effort in as a 33 year old, as 33 year olds seem much more sensible than 32 year olds!

So instead I have been drinking Mojito's with their minty summer goodness and actually learning some German "einen Mojito, bitte."  I have been going back over some of my earlier German books to give myself a boost in confidence with how much I have actually learnt, in the face of the newer stuff which I am struggling to get to grips with.

One of the multiple choice exercises in the book was a picture of a sign saying "Ausfahrt" (a) excursion, (b) Motorway exit or (c) rude noise.  I must admit to giggling at those signs and couldn't stifle my hysterics when Uwe's Mum asked an innocent "Hattet ihr eine gute Fahrt?" on our arrival back in Esslingen from our long weekend in Munich.  I always have a quick glance around the room when my German teacher says "könnte" for flickers of amusement but it seems just me, although as I sit next to my own Mum during the lessons I have to contain that more for fear of getting smacked and tutted at!


  1. Yes, I found I was much more sensible at 33 as that was when I suddenly found myself with a baby needing looked after. When I was 32, well, I didn't get to do a whole lot of drinking (as I spent the best part of it pregnant) but I did visit 7 countries, pack in as many visits to the theatre, stand up comedy, and the cinema as was humanly possible and tried to be as wild and free as it is possible to be with quite a large belly.

    So I would highly recommend going mad. Drink yourself silly, go dancing, go holidays, do everything you want to do, because if your 33 is anything like mine you'll be awfully tired and have sick on your shoulder.

    [P.S. I need to go back over my German. I've not been to class since June and the longer I leave it, the more I am forgetting. Not good.]

  2. I don't seem to be getting comment notifications recently :(

    7 countries all while pregnant is most impressive! I'm not sure I've been to 7 countries in total my whole life lol. In fact as Barney from How I met Your Mother would say "Challenge Accepted" This year I am going to go to 7 different countries!