Anglo things...

This is an on going list of things that I'll miss when I am in Germany, a pre move check-list of home comforts I might like to take with me.  I do love the food I have had in Germany, but sometimes it is nice to be reminded of home :)

English Mustard
British TV
Slimline Tonic Water
Custard Creams
Mint Sauce
Cranberry Sauce
Fruit Squash
Cadbury's Flakes


  1. Ohhh I can add to this :) ...for starters there's the Hellmann's mayonnaise, streaky bacon, Colman's mustard, boxes of tea that don't just contain 25 individually-wrapped bags, lamb, Olbas oil, Knorr stock cubes, the BBC News at 10, reading the papers, Golden Syrup, 36p ibuprofen from Boots and digestive biscuits!

  2. I can get the papers delivered daily to my Kindle but it's no substitute really is it? I made a cheesecake over Christmas and took my digestives with me as I worked out from Uwe's blank reaction that such things didn't exist over there, but I found some in the supermarket we always go to, in fact I found three varieties there, I was both excited and annoyed lol!

  3. THREE varieties of Digestives?!! The only thing I've found that comes close is those Liebzig biscuits. Tasty, but definitely not Digestives. And I keep up with the papers online too but when I went home at Christmas I realised JUST how much I miss being able to sit down with actual newspaper strewn all over the room. Several of the papers are available here but they're really expensive and never include all the same bits as they do in the UK :(