Tuesday, 8 November 2011

1000 Step Challenge

So yesterday in the midst of my pity party I asked for someone to set me a Challenge to get me out of the house and @linderooni answered my plea:

"@ExpatAnna Ack! Let's try again. My challenge (I'll do it): Walk 1000 steps outside of your door, any way you choose. Report what you see :)"

You can check out Linda's walk on her blog dummy text with some very attractive photo's that she doesn't seem to want to take enough credit for :)

I took a slight detour via a post box because I noticed a DVD that needed to be returned to LoveFilm, so I could have got a little farther but I ended up at a little park area, the beginning of which I can see from the windows at the back of the flat. I shall apologise for my pictures now because I just have a teeny point an snap pocket camera, but it's pink if that makes a difference!! =D

As you can see the leaves on the trees have turned in to some beautiful colours, some of my favourites so I had to take a closer look and some more photos.

And on the way home I spotted some berries in pretty colours too and could't resist taking some extra snaps.

Tomorrow I have something special planned which I hope i can pull off, if I do then you guys will be the first to know. In the meantime, more challenges are very welcome :)


  1. I love it! You have prettier berry bushes than my street does, ours are all blue and starting to dry out.

    And no! I refuse to take credit :)

  2. How I love fall & the red leaves on the ground are gorgeous! Fun challenge & fun post

  3. Good! Now I want to see more photos of your town. PLEASE!! I do love a bit of architecture. And it's nice to capture the fantastic autumn colours of here. Someone told me before we arrived that Germany doesn't really have an autumn, but I have found that it's more autumnal than the UK. There are fantastic colours everywhere, and the ground tends to be dry so the leaves don't get all soggy and just dark brown - well that's if you get a chance to see them before someone hoovers them up!

  4. @Linda Take that credit!!

    @ianandebe that red is so lovely I wish my hair was that colour too!

    @fiona I shall take more pics of Esslingen I promise, today I have been to Bad Wimpfen so you can see some lovely foggy pics of that instead :) I saw some really beautiful almost transparent peachy-orange leaves today but couldn't take a picture of them from a moving train :(

  5. Great photo's, looking forward to finding out what you have planned for tomorrow!

  6. Thanks :) I did my Bad Wimpfen trip the day after but then got sick so I was a little slow posting. :)