Friday, 30 September 2011

Finding my Feet

Well I have been here for 10 days now, I would love to tell you that I have done so much, but unfortunately after I arrived and my body realised the stress had disappeared, it decided to let a cold in instead.  I knew it was a good buy picking up extra Lemsips at the airport.  I passed the cold onto Uwe where it mutated into Man-Flu, and as such we didn't get too much done except visit the supermarket a few times, but at least my belongings arrived in one piece.

The view from the supermarket car park is somewhat nicer than that of Tescos in Milton Keynes!

I had my final oral assessment for L193 and got stage fright so not really anticipating a good result there lol.  It only lasted two minutes and consisted mainly of me saying "erm" and "wie, bitte?" which bummed me a bit because as soon as it was over I knew exactly what to say :( I have the L130 assessment tomorrow morning and this one is longer and a group session, I have decided there is no point worrying about it though, what will be , will be.

Uwe went back to work on Wednesday, and I haven't had the confidence to get out on my own yet, but tomorrow we are going to take the bus into town together so that I am familiar with where I am supposed to get off and not get lost, and my Monday challenge is to go buy some groceries.

We have friends birthdays to go to both tonight and tomorrow night which should be fun.


  1. I think it usually takes longer to settle in than we think it's going too. Learning how to take the train by myself in Germany was very freeing since I then could go places by myself. Hang in there, it will get easier.

  2. It will, it will... and remember if public transport travel goes wrong, it's just an adventure ;) Such as my first solo trip here... I was going to my first German class and B told me I could just get any bus from the Hbf and it would drop me off right outside the school. Turns out it was *almost* any bus... I ended up god knows where, had to get off in the middle of the world's largest car/bus/tram intersection and ended up being half an hour late for class. Typical Frau Dietz ;)

  3. Thanks girls, Uwe and I took the bus into town together yesterday so I will know where I am going, although I had forgotten that Monday is a Bank Holiday here, so Tuesday it will be. I totally fear what happened to you Frau Dietz lol, but gotta feel the fear and do it anyway, right? :)