Thursday, 22 September 2011

Ich bin hier!!

Well on a very rainy, very English, Tuesday afternoon Uwe and I got on a plane at Birmingham International.  We arrived in Stuttgart a cuplr of hours later and even though it is nearly October it was over 20 degrees at 8pm and hotter than the entire summer in England this year!

Uwe's parents picked us up from the airport and we went back to dinner at their house, where his mother had prepared my favourite Swabian dish of Maultaschen with Kartoffelnsalat accompianied by copious amounts of local white wine.   I was sufficiently tipsy enough to even speak some very bad German, about the above weather situation - no I don't need a passport for someone to tell my nationality - which everyone was suitably impressed with, or at least they seemed to be through my wine goggles.

View from outside the Bürgeramt

Yesterday we headed to the Bürgeramt to register my residency here.  The only bit I understood was really when she asked Uwe if I understood German, lol.  So far so good, but it still doesn't seem quite real yet.


  1. Brilliant! Congratulations!! I feel quite excited for you starting off on your new German adventure! Can't wait to read more about it. xx

  2. hiya, I've been enjoying reading your blog. Best of luck with the move!

  3. WELCOME TO GERMANY!! (Sorry a bit delayed, I've been away.) Wow, I can't believe you're finally here, it's been a long time coming. I'm sure your German was brilliant, and I wish you a wonderful new life here :) Can't wait to hear how it all goes...

  4. Thanks for the good wishes girls, still can't believe it I'm actually here for real lol.