Thursday, 4 November 2010

The waiting game

I am kind of in Limbo at the moment, it has been over a week since TMA01's deadline and although I read somewhere it should take 2 weeks for it to be marked I am constantly checking to see if my result is back yet.  I think this was not helped by some people getting their result back at midnight after the deadline was up, if I had been given a specific date that the result would be available I could at least put off checking until then, but it could arrive back at any time and I am curious to see how I did and what the feedback is before starting on TMA02.

Most people seem to be disappointed with their results so perhaps not seeing it is for the best, although these are often people that have a result of over 70% which for me would be a great result.  I have been thinking about my own expectations, 40% pass will make me relieved but not really happy, but as long as the feed back is helpful then I guess even that is okay and points me off in the right direction. 50-65% is where I am expecting to be placed, and I would be satisfied with that kind of marking, given that I have found the material rather challenging.  So 66% and above will see me smiling, the higher the number the bigger my grin I expect.

I have been wondering if my degree plan as I have it mapped at the moment is actually how I want to proceed.  I am finding the linguistics incredibly challenging and that has me wondering if I should change to study French and German, after all I do have some experience learning French previously and being trilingual would have its advantages, but would it be too confusing?  Do I instead look at mixing the degree into an Open degree and choose subjects I am interested in? I wouldn't mind popping in some Maths or Psychology units, but then an Open degree does not carry the same weight as a pre determined path.  I am not rushing into making any decisions right now as I do want to give this course a go and from reading reviews of this compared to the Level 3 English courses it seems that they are more enjoyable and that even U211 becomes better to study the further into it one gets.  I wonder how I'll feel when that result finally comes through...


  1. It makes it so much harder to decide what to do when there are so many options. Thankfully my qualification is only three courses and I don't to make any choices about what I'm doing... but I have NO idea what I am going to do after that!

    For what it's worth, I think doing French and German at the same time would be pretty exhausting - I've been taking intensive German lessons for the last six months (having like you also done GCSE before... 16 years ago) and my French (A level + a year living there... in 2003) has totally disintegrated. I was going to practice French with a French friend here but have decided against it... all my sentences started out in French and finished in German!

    (Btw I am trying not to comment on your EVERY post!!)

  2. What makes it even harder is that every course description I read makes me want to study it! What qualification will your courses give you? Are they all Psychology? A subject I have looked at myself.

    I think you are right about the French, and since writing this I have started to enjoy the English a lot more. For my next TMA I have to transcribe analyse 1 minute of an unscripted conversation from a TV or Radio broadcast, so I am going to watch some Jeremy Kyle and see what chaviness I can turn into academia because the irony pleases me. Whether I can find a whole minute that doesn't consist entirely of the phrase "at the end of the day yeah" is yet to be seen...

    (PS thank you for commenting at all, it has really brought a smile to my face today :D)