Thursday, 25 November 2010

Feeling Festive

My Nigella books turned up today, which was a nice surprise because with my goldfish brain I'd forgotten they'd be coming.  The first book I have looked at is the Christmas one and it really got me excited I love, love, love Christmas, and it is a sign that I am getting out of my depression as the last year I wasn't so excited and the year before I spent it alone, my Stepdad making a delivery of a portion of Christmas dinner which was really sweet of him and my Mum.

This year I will be spending it in Germany for the very first time, which I am looking forward to as their traditions are quite different to ours, food and presents are done on Christmas Eve and of course they don't have Boxing Day, but then I can live without Boxing Day lol.  I am looking forward to nosing around the Christmas Market in Esslingen too, it apparently has a Medieval theme, I probably won't get to any of the others in the area but Mum will be coming over next year especially for them so I'll see plenty then!

Uwe doesn't share my excitement for Christmas, I think for him there have been some family tensions which have made things uncomfortable, but I am looking to change this for the future so as Christmas Day will be just the two of us I want to plan a wonderful day which will hopefully be the start of some traditions of our own.

Talking of traditions, I was told that in Sweden they have a rice pudding at Christmas which contains one almond, and whoever gets the almond in their pudding makes a wish which the others eating the pudding have to make come true.  Obviously it has to be a realistic wish, but I thought that really encompassed the season of goodwill.

I am not sure if anyone will read this but I would love to hear your Christmas traditions.


  1. I'm reading! (Have finally made it up to date having started with your Hello World post... sorry for all my totally out-of-date comments!!)

    Christmas for me has been, with about three exceptions, exactly the same for the last 31 years... about as traditional and English as you can get. I could tell you what will happen, from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day, down to the SECOND. This will be my first married one (hee hee, married) but for me and B it's really about being with our families so we are each of us spending it with our own - him here, me back in London. Apart from anything else, I don't think I could put him through mine!!

  2. Thank you so much for reading! ( I may have added some of my own out of date comments to your own blog so we're even ;))

    Will you and B be having your own personal pre/post-Christmas Christmas celebrations together? I am not sure how we will handle Christmases in the future when we're we're together more than we're apart. The fabulous thing about tradition is that even though you know down to the second exactly what is going to happen, you don't enjoy it any less but in fact probably more!

  3. Hello! Just wanted to say thank you for the link to my blog. Have to disappoint you on the Christmas tradition front. We have none, unless you count blatant consumerism and the obligatory office gift exchange where you end up with 3 years' supply of Body Shop moisturiser. =p Hope you have a great Christmas with your partner in Germany!

  4. You're welcome, what I have read so far has been very enjoyable. At least the Body Shop moisturiser is usable, could be on the receiving end of much worse I should think =P Secret Santa's in the office can be quite nice depending on who you pull out lol. Have a great Christmas too :)

  5. Pre/post-Christmas celebrations together? Ummm... hadn't even thought about it, so I guess that's a no?!! I suppose the chances of both of us getting our act together to have bought each other presents before I fly home on 17th are pretty slim, so perhaps it will be a post-Christmas gift exchange! I can't imagine there will be any ceremony to it though ;)

    And I just noticed there's a link to my blog too - thanks!! Guess I had better write something!

  6. You're welcome and I noticed you have a new post so mission accomplished!