Saturday, 2 October 2010

On the Up

Well last night after my panic I did go on to work through the whole of unit 2, some of it I had looked at before I knew the subject of TMA01, and I am now confident enough that I could be able to draft a an answer to past of the question and I know the structure needed for another part of the question.

In the coming week I will study unit 3 which is the last unit which TMA01 is concerned with and then after that I shall start drafting, I would like to have a first draft of the TMA ready by the tutorial on 16th October, that way afterwards I will hopefully have a better idea of what the tutor is looking for and therefore be able to tweak it into a finished version.

I am really pleased that I worked around the panic attack, which blocks be from functioning as a human being for so many things, I really want to make a go of this module, I am not expecting miracles like a distinction but I would like to pass with more than just the minimum mark.

The one concern that I am having at the moment is my lack of note taking, I am sure that I should be doing something, but I suppose that if I want to know a particular piece of information I know where it is located within the unit/course books/dvds and should be able to access it fairly easily, unlike a lecture which when it is over it is only available in memory and notes taken. My Glossary of Terms is getting slightly bigger though so that is something at least.

Anyway I am going to have some time away from the books today and do something fun...

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