Monday, 4 October 2010

Home Comforts

After having a conversation with friends on a forum where I informed them that Lemsips were not available in Germany, I have added a new page to the blog, it will be a list of things that I cannot get in Germany and will miss. A very modest amount of items on there at the moment just the aforementioned Lemsips and English Mustard, there is a good range of mustard available but not English!

I have also found a few good websites answering questions related to moving to Germany, the most general one is called Toytown Germany ( aimed at English speaking ex-pats it contains forums where you can ask for advice from people that have, a searchable wiki with lots of useful information as well as job listings and news (Edit: there is a large expat contingent who appear to hate all things German, everyone does need a place to vent every now and then and after a while you learn to ignore them). I found a brilliant German Wage Calculator ( which allows you to see exactly how much your net income will be and the breakdown of taxes and other contributions. So I will look at adding a links box down the side of the blog, just need to work out how to do it :p


  1. I import Tetley's Redbush teabags (I drink a billion cups a day - tea only comes in boxes of 25 here), Golden Syrup and Hellmanns mayonnaise :) Have totally fallen in love with a German brand of mustard called Thomy but a tin of Colman's powder is on my Christmas list ;)

  2. I'd say I'd bring some over with me and get them to you when I come over next month but if you're going back to blighty you've probably got it covered. I'll check with you when I know when my next visit will be :)